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Every telephone system has features that support its product. in here we are talking about the features of the telephone system that support hotel or villa, which help the services of it. Here are the features that support the services of the villa or hotel  ;

Account Code
An account code is used to identify an out going calls for accounting and billing purposes. The account code is appended to the SMDR  call record. For outgoing there are 4 type of account code. For examp, all telephone station are lock. No one can use the phone for outside call except they enter the account code that has been programm before. And this account become an id for every staff. In a billing it can be print out by everh account number.

Call Tranfer
Allows an extention user to transfer a received call, an intercom or an outside call to another extention. Two types are available ;
Screened Call Transfer ;
Announces the call to another extentision before completing the transfer
Unscreened Call Transfer ;
Immediately releases the call to another extension without an announcement

Call pick up
Allows an extention user to answer a call ringing at any other extension. a confirmation tone is sent to the user when the call is picked up, but it can be disabled through the program in system.

Automatic operator (greeting machine)
This features allows callers to access any extention without having to go through an operator. After an outside caller calls the system, the caller will receive a greeting message. Then they can dial the desired extension. A call can be automatically transferred to an extension, operator, modem or external pagers.

Class of Service/Toll Restriction
This system is a programmable system that can prohibit certain extention users from placing unauthorized calls. One extention is programmed to have one of its class. and each class has different level. for examp; Class 1 - can make any call, idd, long distance, local, mobile. Class 2 - long distance and local + mobile; class 3 - local call only; calss 4 no outside call. or we can put a certain number that can be press by any extention. that number can be store in speed dial system.

Room Status
This system allows the operator to acces all extention  by simply pressing the buttons. The operator can monitor which extention are busy or idle, so they dont have to transfer the call just to know that the destination extentions are busy.

One Digit Numbering (quick dial) **
This system help the service of villa or hotels. the guest will be much more easier to call the public service such as operator, house keeping, security, restaurant, or others public services just by pressing one digit only.

System Speed Dial (telephone memory)
With this system we can store up to 100 telephone memory, that can be accesed in any extention and every class of service. not just our extention but all extention can used the system speed dial (can be programmed for specific extention)

Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) / Telephone activaty report
This features can record any activity of our telephone system, this features usually connected to computer for billing purpose. but we can also connect the pabx directly to printer. and every outgoing call can be recorded through that printer. data that will show in a printer are; date, time, extention number, dialed number, duration, account code. this data will be printed out every time we finished having conversation with outside calls.

Wake Up Call **
With this features we can automatically setup the morning call or wake up call at the desired extention. usually the guest will ask for morning call to the operator and operator will setup from the computer or master telephone. For bigger system such as big hotel we can setup from computer console. but for small one we have do it manually.

Check in Check Out (remote station lock out)  **
This features can prohibit anoccupied room from making outside call. when the guest check in we can unlock the telephone in the room so the guest can use for outgoing call. when the guest check out we can also lock the telephone for preventing any outgoing calls.

Billing Connection
Every pabx has a special port for billing connection. for more detail please see telephone billing system. on this left page.

**  not all telephoe system has this features



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